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Veneer Application Tips of the Trade

  1. Ask the Experts!Veneers should be applied with a vacuum, cold or hot press, using white or yellow glue. be sure to use white glue with a low filler content because some may not work with these types of products. If a press is not available, use a contact cement with a high level of solids. No matter what method is used, make sure to follow the adhesive manufacturer instruction.
  2. Water base finishes are not recommended for finishing veneer.
  3. Edgemate Veneers are not intended for structural use. Veneers must be bonded to a substrate of reliable quality, MDF (medium density fiberboard) is recommended above others followed by industrial particle board and then plywood.
  4. Edgemate does not recommend direct application to drywall, plaster walls, concrete wall or cardboard substrates as delamination may occur.
  5. It is important, that when the veneer is laid out for preparation for laminating that it be completely covered plastic at all times.
  6. Wood veneers rely 100% on the adhesive for bonding strength. Both the veneer back and the substrate require 100% adhesive coverage. In most situations, a second coat is needed on the substrate, because the first coat may be partially absorbed into the substrate.
  7. Make sure to allow the proper drying time between adhesive coats. Normally there is a generous window of time. Glues should be completely dry before applying veneer. Anything less creates the risk of a week bond between the two glue lines. Rushing can lead to solvent pockets appearing as bubbles.
  8. When using contact cement, a pinch roller is recommended for pressing veneer to the substrate. A flexible wood scraper tool or a 3-4 inch J-roller may be used for a pinch roller is not available.
  9. After laminating of veneers, the adhesive should be allowed to dry for 24 hours before applying any finish products. Apply finish in light even coats. Allow 24 hours drying time between stain and sealer coats.