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Contact Adhesive Problem Solving Guide

If the following occurs What to look for Possible solutions
1. Edge lifting from substrate a. Insufficient adhesive coverage

b. insufficient dry time

c. not enough pressure when applying

a. apply more adhesive to veneer and substrate

b. increase drying time for adhesion

c. apply more pressure

2. Bubbles in the Veneer a. trapped solvent

b. edges bonded first

c. uneven adhesive coverage

d. uneven pressure

e. ineffective glue

a. increase dry time

b. apply pressure from center outwards

c. review application procedure NOTE: spraying is the best method, rolling is good, brushing is OK.

d. review pressure procedure

e. use glue with more solids

3. Adhesive failure on both substrates a. insufficient pressure

b. insufficient adhesive

c. contamination of adhesive surface

d. wrong substrate

a. increase pressure

b. go over surface with an iron at about 200-225 degrees

c. keep work area clean NOTE: MDF board is recommended over particle board and particle board is recommended over plywood

d. do not apply veneer over substrate with laminate on

4. Weak or no contact bond a. exceeded life of contact bond

b. trapped solvent

c. adhesive surface has been contaminated by moisture

a. check to see if glue is old

b. increase drying time

c. check spray equipment for moisture in line and increase dry temperature during high humidity

5. Adhesive releases from one substrate a. contamination of substrate surface

b. contact adhesive is not dry

a. clean substrate thoroughly

b. increase drying time


Before using any products in full-scale production. Test should be made to determine the acceptability of the product under existing conditions. All statements, technical information, and recommendations contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. The only obligation of sellers and manufactures shall be to replace the quantity of the product proved to be defective.

All statements, technical information, and recommendations contained herein are not guarantee. Edgemate products are warranted to be free in workmanship and material upon delivery. if, upon inspection, a defect is found, it must be reported within (30) days of delivery date. The only obligation on manufacturer shall be to replace the quantity of product proved to be defective. Claims for damage or error in shipment will not be allowed after five days from receipt of products. Edgemate is not responsible for poor application procedures or practices. This warranty shall not apply to product which has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident.